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Old-Fashioned Sampler: Still Chuggin’ Along

It’s coming along slowly, a square at a time.  At one point, I tried introducing a medium-dark turquoise into the mix, but after 1 and a half squares, the second thoughts won out.  (So there’s one completed square kicked out.  An orphan square.  It’s waiting, along with another rejected square from a previous project, for… something.  Not sure what, yet.) 

I finally snapped haphazard photos of the squares made since last time.

Here’s a mosaic of the most recent batch of squares:

1. Christmas Rose, 2. Lacy Square, 3. Alhambra, 4. Circle in a Square, 5. Queen Anne’s Lace, 6. Old Vienna, 7. Kingcup, 8. Lacy Wheel, 9. StarFlower, 10. Criss Cross, 11. Edwardian Fancy, 12. Waterlily

The photos aren’t that great.  (At all.)  I’ve deteriorated into an extremely lazy photographer.  (A lazy photo editor, too.  Didn’t even try to get the colors right, because… too much work.)  Of course, how good can the photo be, when the squares are so wibbly, wobbly, wonky, and wiggly?  Blocking them is out of the question, so they’ll just have to stay this way until I join them.  Maybe it’s an incentive to keep going on this project?  I have to join them to see how they really look?  Or rather, how good they can look? 

Not pictured:  The outcast square in turquoise and the most recent square– in the “Danish Square” pattern.

Old-Fashioned Sampler

Quite a stack of them!
I’m out of one color, now, and nearly out of a couple more.  Not sure yet if I’ll try to find more of the same/similar colors or just make more squares from the colors that I still have in abundance…

– – – – – – –

I started a scarf in the “Billowy Delight” pattern earlier this month, but I made extremely little progress before setting it aside in favor of the Old-Fashioned Sampler.  I just wasn’t enjoying it, so it’s been difficult to make myself want to pick it up again.  It’s a shame, because I like the looks of the pattern– and the yarn is soft and pretty (Alpaca Cloud)– but when it’s not fun, it’s just not fun.  I hope that it’s a matter of getting in the right mood.  It takes me a while to get into the groove of most knitting projects.  Maybe I need to learn a trick or two to make this pattern work for me…

– – – – – – –

Meanwhile, Luna says, “Play with me!!!”



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