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Ogee Afghan Progress

Ever since my last blog entry, I’ve been working on strips of motifs for the Ogee afghan.  I’m not cranking them out at top speed, but slowly the jumble of ogee strips is growing taller.  Part of what slows down the progress is stopping to weave in all the ends, every few motifs, but I’ve learned through hard experience that it’s better this way.  I’ll thank myself later.  ;o)

Crochet Afghan (Work in Progress)

The individual strips aren’t stunningly beautiful, unfortunately.  They have a tendency to curl up and generally look a mess.  I’m also second-guessing myself on the colors– but I have faith it’ll all work out in the end.  It usually does.  Once joined, the strips will look much nicer (and flatter), and the color scheme will be warm and slightly exotic.

Crochet Afghan (Work in Progress)

Looking at other people’s ogee-motif afghans, I noticed that some of them had joined them on the diagonal, instead of having the longer dimensions of the ogees running the length or width of the blanket.  I like the look, so I’m seriously considering joining my strips of motifs that way, too.  The downside would be more ends to weave in, but if you prefer the way diagonal stripes look, it’s worth a little extra effort.  It will also require a bit more attention to detail, to make sure I end up with the right number of strips in the correct lengths and with acceptable color distribution– not exactly tricky, but more so than just making X number of strips all of the same length.

Crochet Afghan (Work in Progress)

Well, back to the ogees!


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