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Off to a Good Start

I’m off to a good start on at least a few of my “resolution-y” things. 

*  I’ve copied Yarn Yuck’s old content over to a new home on Tumblr.  (Next challenge:  Learn how to post to Tumblr. (g)  Seriously, though, that place feels like a foreign country to this Blogger-acclimated gal.)  It seemed like a good idea at the time– a fresh start and possibly a better fit for the content and format.  We’ll see…

*  I’m blogging more often.  Well, for the past few days I’ve been blogging more, at least.  Don’t count on me to blog every day or even every week, though, I’m afraid!  Well, maybe I can manage at least once a week. (Maybe.)

*  I’ve started a new Project 365!  The photos are over on my Flickr photostream, and I’m also posting them to my “regular”/”personal” blog (which has degenerated into grumbles and politically-themed outbursts, so I won’t link (g) even though you can obviously find it if you care to, because it’s not cleverly hidden), but I don’t think I’ll clutter up Sew I See with them.  Those that fit in with the general theme of craftiness may show up here, though.  :o)

I looked through my old Project 365, out of curiosity.  (It mostly took place during 2010.)  I hope I can be a little more creative this time.  Back then, I posted more than my share of pictures of sky and clouds.  That was before I was heavily into crochet or knitting, though, so I suspect there will more craft-themed photos, this time.  Still lots of nature, though.  It’s what I enjoy photographing… and willing models are in short supply at our house.

*  The more I think about it, the more I feel like 2013 will be a year of extremely limited gift-making.  (g)  So I may not even have to worry about that resolution regarding working on gifts throughout the year (as opposed to letting them pile up right before Christmas).  Yep, it’s sounding better every time I say it…

*  “Finish works-in-progress” wasn’t really on my list of resolutions, even though it’s a very common one.  Let’s pretend it was, because I’m making headway on the A-Gysping We’ll Go Afghan.  I think I’ve finished the bulk of the motifs, and I started stitching them together this evening.  That’ll take a while.  I left the last row off all the motifs and am joining them as I go (and trying to stop and weave in tails every so often, too).  It’s fun to see the afghan finally start to take shape!


I’m Michael (a female Michael, to remove any doubt).  I live on the Alabama Gulf Coast with my husband, Donald, and our crazy American Eskimo Dogs. 

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