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Now for the Binding…

Monday evening’s recording from the county courthouse released us from jury duty (if were weren’t already serving on a jury), so I’m freeeeeeee!  (Happy-dance time!)  But seriously, it is a relief to know that my time is officially my own again.  No more feeling of being in limbo!  

Also on Monday, I finished up the quilting on the current active WIP.  It’s not a perfect quilting job, but with that 100% cotton batting, the post-washing crinkle should hide a multitude of sins mistakes.  At least I didn’t have too many more problems, once the first couple were ironed out.  Whew!  The issues this time are more to do with my needing more practice, but again, it’ll be fine once it’s washed and crinkled up.

This quilt is nearly done, and it still doesn’t have a name!  Hm… The block pattern looks similar to one I’ve seen called a “ribbon star”– one of many quilt blocks that are apparently known by that name– but I’m not sure it’s exactly that.  I guess it’s close enough…

When I was piecing the strings, I felt like many of the fabrics in that bag of random multi-colored strings (not all, but many) had an old-school “California” vibe– an 80s/90s Barbie’s-Malibu-style California, maybe.  There were poppies, beachy colors, bright blue water and pink birds (sounds more “Florida” than “California”, but these weren’t flamingos, and that shade of blue was too cold for Florida)… Rainbows, hot pink, bold large-scale florals, sunny stripes, a “boutique” print… It just felt “California” to me, so I think I’ll call this… “Retro-Cali Ribbon Stars”.  

Ok, we have a name!  

Yesterday, I trimmed off the edges of the batting and backing, so next up is the binding.  I’d been thinking I’d go for a scrappy, colorful binding.  Maybe use up a too-busy, hard-to-use multi-color print?  But when I took the quilt off the frame, it occurred to me that a black-and-white print might be nice, too.  

– – – – – – –

After writing the above, I pulled a few busy/colorful not-favorite fabrics that might work for the binding, so that’s probably what I’ll end up doing.  (As for why I have not-favorite fabric at all, these were bought cheap on clearance.  There’s nothing wrong with them, but I just don’t love them or have special plans for them.  This would be a great way to use some of them up.)  

Maybe I’ll get the binding strips cut tonight!


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