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Not Quite Done By Halloween

I had planned to try to finish “Punkin’ Patch” (a Bonnie Hunter pattern) by Halloween, since it is primarily an October quilt.  The pumpkin theme could carry right through Thanksgiving, but the grey and black backgrounds give it more of Halloween feel. 

Despite good intentions, I had some trouble deciding how to quilt it, just didn’t feel in the right mood for free-motion quilting for a while, and then lost a little time in the lead-up and aftermath of Hurricane Zeta.  (We only lost power for about 12 hours, this time, and there was no problem with shingles or falling trees in our yard or across the easement. The well did lose its prime again, though, so Donald had to pour gallons and gallons into a little pipe to get it working again. Fortunately, we had saved plenty of jugs for this very purpose.)  

I did finish the quilting this morning, but decided against rushing to make and attach the binding.  It’ll happen soon, and that’s soon enough!

Even though I don’t have the finished quilt to share, I took a few photos of the project as it stands.  

First, here’s a photo from earlier in the week, when it was still on the quilting frame:

And here’s where it is now, still in need of trimming up and binding:

In the meantime, I’ve had these bags of strings on the table for a while, in anticipation of starting another autumn-themed quilt…

However, there are also the “Tall Tales” quilts in need of attention.  I really want them done before Christmas, and while that sounds like plenty of time, you know how things go (especially when you have such a talent for procrastination). 

We’ll see which comes first.


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