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Nostalgia, Strangling Vine, Majestic & Chickadee

I chose and sewed on some buttons for the Nostalgia Neck-Warmer, yesterday:

Honey-Hued Nostalgia Neck-Warmer

It’s pretty cozy.  Could probably benefit from blocking, but for now it works as it is. 

Honey-Hued Nostalgia Neck-Warmer

I haven’t made much progress on my Subterranean Strangling Vine Lace Scarf, but then again, I haven’t worked on it much, either.  (g)

I did go ahead and copy out the 4-row chart so that I’ll have it handy when I do sit down and put in some stitching time on it…

Subterranean Strangling Vine

And because it just seemed like I needed a portable crochet project, in addition to the portable lace knitting project, I’ve chosen a doily pattern and am all ready to start hooking.  I’m planning to crochet the doily on the cover.  (It’s “Majestic” by Patricia Kristoffersen, in the booklet titled Masterpiece Doilies.  I’ve already made “Gallant” from the same booklet and found it a very pretty doily design.)


But at the moment, I’m smitten with another project already in progress– the Rainbowy Chickadee Cowl.  It’s my first try at knitting in the round– and my first time using bulky or super bulky yarn– and I’m loving it.

Knitting in the round was a little intimidating at first, but so far, so good.  The pattern itself is very easy to memorize and work (again, so far), and it knits up so fast in this chunky yarn!

I’m using some Yarn Bee Mosaic Twist that I bought on clearance probably years ago at Hobby Lobby (or the Hooby Looby, as we sometimes call it).   Too bad it’s been discontinued, as it seems like a pretty nice yarn.  Of course, I probably think of it more favorably because I got it for 99 cents a skein.  (The regular price was over $6 a skein, according to the price sticker.)  Another factor in its favor–  this stitch pattern (linen stitch?) is very good at breaking up pooling in variegated yarn.  It probably wouldn’t look nice in a lot of patterns.  I’m very happy with how this is turning out, though.

Rainbowy Chickadee Cowl

Meanwhile, Trixie the Eskie snoozes, oblivious to pooling, button selections, etc.:

Snoozy Eskimo Dog

Hope you’re enjoying your weekend!


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