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New Knitting WIP

I decided to start another WIP– “Because I’m worth it!” ~hair flip~

Wait, don’t go!  I was only joking!  Well, not about starting another WIP– that part is all too true– but about the obnoxious “worth it” statement.  (That old cosmetics slogan is eye-roll-inducing, but it must be working for L’Oréal, as long as they’ve been using it.)

The new project is… a cowl!


Another cowl?
Yes, another.

And we might as well all get used to it, because I have too many to mention in my Ravelry queue.  Apparently that “thing” Hollywood wants us to believe about all women being addicted to (outrageously expensive) shoes and having a whole wall of the closet devoted entirely to shoe storage has instead manifested itself in me as a cowl obsession.

…Well, not really.  It would be much closer to the truth to say that I have a craft-supply obsession.  While other women (supposedly) hoard high-heeled shoes and designer handbags, I stash away yarn and beads, paints and stamps– and fabric.

But yes, for someone who not many years ago thought cowls looked weird, I sure do seem to make a lot of them.

So, the new project!

The pattern is named “Frosting”, and it’s made in one of those loose, flowing knitted cables that look so luscious and fluid in other people’s project photos.  I hope it’ll be luscious in my finished object, too.

For yarn, I’m using (the discontinued) Bamboo Ewe in “Geranium”, a cheery cherry
red.  There are three skeins in my stash– found for a dollar each in a
clearance bin at Michaels. 

This was my first time to try a provisional cast-on.  I used the one the designer describes– crochet a chain, then knit into the chain.  Getting the chain onto the needle felt a bit awkward at first, and knitting that first row was a little tight (maybe because of the acrylic scrap yarn I used), but it’s an interesting technique.  I’m eager to see how it’ll work out when it’s time to graft the two ends together with Kitchener stitch.  (That’ll be another first for me.)

Progress photo:

"Frosting" Cowl

– – – – – – –

This week’s clue for the Mysteryghan seems like a short and easy one, compared to some of the earlier clues, but I’m only about halfway through it (courtesy of the new WIP distraction).  If I’m not mistaken, we’re halfway through the total number of clues, too.  It’s zipping by!


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