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Mysteryghan Update!

Still keeping pace, though behind on the photos… This blog entry will catch me up, though.

For last week’s clue– squaring the decagon– I was sure that I didn’t have enough of that particular peach left to finish the “medallion”, so I swapped to my new peach (ILTY brand).  I knew the two weren’t exactly the same shade, but it wasn’t until the next day that I saw them in better light and thought, “Hm.  The vintage peach makes the new peach look a little drab– dare one say dirty?– by comparison.”  But I left it.  Because I didn’t want to rip back and rework.  (And I’m not sure I’d have had enough of my darker vintage peach yarn, anyway.  Yes, I’m using three shades of peach in this afghan.  What of it?)

Anyway, I’m still telling myself that it’ll look ok when it’s done.  And to be honest, I’m not sure where this afghan will go, anyway.  It can be an emergency afghan for the car, or something, if the color choices don’t work out as well as hoped.

Here’s a photo of the previous clue.
The completed (?) medallion and another strip of 10 connected fpdc grannies:

Mysteryghan 2014

And here’s the latest clue.
The hexagons joined into two strips and edged to bring them into a long, skinny rectangle:

Mysteryghan 2014

I think there are only two clues left, which seems far too few.  Unless they’re real doozies (and one of them isn’t just joining the pieces and adding the border), it seems like the afghan will be on the small side.  Of course, we can always add more pieces to expand the afghan, or work a wider border– or just keep it small, because smaller blankets have uses, too.

Next clue should be out on/by Friday evening!


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