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Mysteryghan Finished!

The 2014 Mysteryghan/Deco’Ghan is all done.  Ends woven in– washed– dried.
Photos, anyone?

It’s not my favorite afghan I’ve ever crocheted (the colors…), but it’s not hideous, either (imho). Of course since it was a mystery crochet-along– and I was trying to
stash-bust– some of my color choices/placements could have been better, but I
don’t think it looks bad.  Even the dreaded harvest gold is alright in this context, I think.   (To tell the truth, the longer I look at it, the better I like it…)

Although this is not a huge afghan, it’s still been on the WIP list
for months and months, so I’m happy to have it completely done. :o)

2014 Mysteryghan

The pattern (Deco’Ghan) has plenty of variation to keep things interesting.  …Well, there are several of some of the motifs… Twenty of one type of square, I think– but that’s nothing compared to making an entire adult-sized afghan from one type of square.  Lots of fpdc, though.  If you hate them, I think the designer included another option for the center medallion.  I don’t hate them, myself, but they do make that center square very thick, compared to the rest of the afghan. 

The downside of this kind of afghan is putting those different-size, different-shape pieces together.  Making sure everything matches up and is in the right place.  All that slip stitching.  All that fudging.  I managed to mess up one of the joins (put it together the wrong way)– bad enough of a mistake that I “had” to rip it out and re-do it.  Joining is a fair amount of work, all told.  (That’s why I insisted on join-as-you-go for the current hexagon motif afghan.)

2014 Mysteryghan

The squares in the four corners are a complete departure from the pattern, by the way.  I just didn’t like the look of those squares.  Not my style… I’m not sure that my substitution (something I made up, attempting to keep the stitch count/size right) is really my style, either.  It’s okay. 

2014 Mysteryghan

That rope cable border is interesting.  I doubt I’ll ever use it on an afghan again– possibly on a pillow.  It’s time-consuming, but the results are attractive– impressive.  It looks more difficult than it is. 

2014 Mysteryghan
– – – – – – –

One last photo! Here’s the promised progress photo of the Simply Soft hexagon-motif stash-buster:

Hexagon Scrapbuster Afghan

Ahhhh.  Soothing colors.

It turns out I had more shades of green and fewer varieties of blue than I thought.  That’s fine.  Blues.  Greens. Whatever.  ;o)


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