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More of the Same Through August

Joining Up the Cherry Crunch...

I started putting together the pieces for “Cherry Crunch”!  

The units on the design wall are now long strips waiting to be joined together…

The units for the remaining five rows are now arranged on the design wall, instead:

And at the end of that, somehow I ended up with five extra units! 

How does this happen?  I planned on a 10×12 layout, so five wouldn’t be enough for another row or column.  No idea what went wrong where, but I’ll just set them aside for now.  Depending on what I do for a backing, they could be pieced into that… More likely, they’ll just be saved for inclusion in a future super-scrappy project, like a crumb quilt.  

Watercolor Palettes and Craft Supplies

I’ve always liked photos that offer peeks into people’s craft spaces.  There’s something inspiring about seeing the places where people create things.  To be honest, I guess I like the feeling of snooping (just a little, with permission) into someone else’s life—or their creative process, if that sounds better!  It’s also a great way to come up with new ideas for your own craft space.

It’s been a while since I posted many pictures of my craft room, mostly because not much has changed since the last time I gave a virtual tour.  Little things have shifted here and there, but nothing major has happened, other than moving the Singer 15 to the place where the Minnesota used to be, in front of the window.  Lately, however, I have begun using part of the space a bit differently.

Most of the floor space in my room is taken up by two identical fold-out tables positioned side by side, along their length.  One of these tables is for sewing, with the Juki and a nice, wide expanse of open space for positioning pieces ready to sew.  The end of the other table is where I keep my little cutting station (with a raised mini-table for cutting at a more comfortable height).  I use this during every single sewing project, pretty much.

For years, this second table was also home to my pressing surface, which is just a rectangle of plywood covered in padding and fabric.  

When I decided I wanted to do more paper-crafting, watercolor, etc., it made sense to set up a permanent spot where I could leave out those tools and materials.  (If I have to dig out even the basic supplies every time, I end up just doing something else.  It’s too much hassle!)  But while I’m very fortunate to have a dedicated craft room, there’s still a finite amount of space in here and only so many ways to arrange all the big, heavy “stuff”. 

There was no good place to set up another crafting station, as things stood—so I took the pressing board off the surface of the second table (leaning it vertically somewhere else in the room, out of my way) and reclaimed that area for painting, paper-crafts, and whatever else I need it for.   (Sometimes I like to set up my laptop in here, for a change of scenery from the living room’s computer desk!  This room feels more comfortable and cozy, sometimes.)  

I rarely used the large pressing surface, anyway, and when I do need it (such as when pressing the seams while assembling a quilt top), I can put it on my cutting surface or find another temporary place to set it up.  

This isn’t exactly rocket science, but I think it’s helpful to remind ourselves every so often that it’s okay to change things.  You don’t have to keep doing things or using space the same way you always have just because that’s… how you’ve always done it.  Sometimes we can benefit from re-evaluating our situation and making changes.  If the changes work, great!  Call it an improvement and enjoy it!  If it’s not so good, you can always put it back the way it was—or keep trying different configurations until you find what’s right for you.  It’s worth the time and effort if it makes it easier for you to do the things you love.  

A few snaps from the craft room just because (as I mentioned before) I like sneak peeks into other people’s creative spaces, including paint palettes and craft supplies…

30-Day Watercolor Challenge!

Day 11: "Dog" + "Bathtub" + "Book"

I’m in the section of the challenge where we combine three things or ideas. 

Still trying not to be too harsh of a critic… No judgement is necessary—no comment is necessary—because these are just for fun.  I’m not trying to save the world with a cartoony watercolor doodle, for goodness’ sake!

Day 12: "Cat" + "Knitting" + "Mouse"

I thought I’d take a few process photos for this one, to show how these things develop with additional layers of detail…  I think this is true for most watercolor paintings, from the simplest to the most complex.

Day 13: "Cats" + "Mouse" + "Cake"

I will NOT comment on the fact that this cat’s ears and proportions feel more like a kangaroo than a cat… 


Recent Viewing...

YouTube recently suggested something to me that I found interesting—videos shot by people taking walks.  I’ve seen “slow TV” before that was just the view from the front of a train travelling through Norway, and it was surprisingly “watchable”.  You wouldn’t want it all day or every day, but from time to time it’s pleasant and relaxing.  This type of entertainment reminds me a bit of being a kid and sitting back, watching the world go by as Dad drives the family up to a vacation destination in the mountains…

If you’re interested, it looks like there are “virtual walks” in places all around the world.  This first one is the one YouTube originally suggested for me:

And this is one that turned up when I searched for walks in Sweden:

Travel the world and take in the sights from the comfort of your own home!  😉


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