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More Hook Talk

Polymer Clay-Handled Crochet Hook

I’ve been using one of the hooks I gave a polymer clay handle a lot, this past week.  It’s really grown on me, and I feel just as at home crocheting with it as I did with the uncovered hook.  I haven’t tried an uncovered hook since getting used to the polymer clay-handled ones, so I’m not sure if I have a strong preference one way or the other… but the fun of covering the hooks may be the deciding factor.  ;o) 

Last week, I covered a couple more crochet hooks that I have in duplicate sizes– an “I” and a size 7 steel hook (both Boye (g)):

Polymer Clay-Handled Crochet Hooks

I only covered the “I” hook up to the thumb-rest, to give that style of handle a try. If I do decide to cover more hooks, I want to know which type fits my hand better.

Polymer Clay-Handled Crochet Hooks

I guess I was too eager to get those two hooks in the oven, because I completely forgot to give the steel hook handle an indentation for a thumb-rest. Oops. Well, if I try it and hate it, I could always use a linoleum cutter to shave away some of the clay, then sand it smooth. (Doing it all by sanding would take forever, and sanding is just not that much fun.)

I notice now that I managed to show the most distorted part of the “pattern” on one of the hooks, in both photos.  (Good work!)  Well, anyway, they’re just for personal use.  If I were making them to give or sell I would try harder for perfection, but I’m not, so… At least I had fun making them. ;o)

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I can see the light at the end of the tunnel on Phase 2 of my two 3-Phase Big Secret Projects.  I could easily finish Phase 2 tonight, then weave in the several loose tails to really be done with it.  After that, I think I’m taking a break before embarking on Phase 3.  I need a rest from those projects– and since they’re Christmas gifts, there’s plenty of time to spare.  (For once.  I am so glad I started them early!  Come December, I’ll actually have a few gifts ready to wrap!) 

– – – – – – –
Because I didn’t have quite enough ways to waste time on the Internet, I signed up for Pinterest.  It does seem somewhat more useful than I’d originally imagined– visual bookmarks for useful websites and/or a simple digital scrapbook/bulletin board– as advertised.  (My most recent pins show up on the sidebar of the blog, in case you’re interested, but I haven’t really pinned that many things, yet.)
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That book I ordered online came back in stock sooner than expected and should be arriving late this week.  Hurray!  No more waiting until possibly the end of May!  Now I’ll be checking the shipping status three times a day until it gets here.  Well, not that I haven’t already been doing that, but now there’s at least a chance that there will be new information about the package. (g)  I’m looking forward to spending some quality time ogling the granny square eye-candy!


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