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More Crumbs, More Strips

Not much more to report since last time, but maybe “shorter and more frequent” blog posts are better than “longer and less often”, if I can manage it.

As mentioned last time, there were leftover crumb strips and new crumbs.  I’ve been turning them into 8″ x 3″ strips for use in a future project. 

Here are a few of the new strips:  

They look pretty much the same as the last batch!  

I had about 53 of the new crumb strips, at last count.  

The container of crumbs is starting to look a bit bare, so maybe it’s time to put them away and return to the pile of vintage sheets.  If I’m going to get started on that bed-size vintage sheet quilt, there’s really no better time than now.  

Recent listening:  

Started a new audiobook yesterday evening while crumb-piecing—The Writing Retreat, by Julia Bartz.  I’m not that far into it, yet, but… I don’t think I like where this one’s going!  

(I’m feeling better about the print book I’m reading—Hidden Pictures, by Jason Rekulak.)

For music, how about “Holograms”, by M83?:

Or if you’re not as much of a fan of the synth/electronic music, here’s something different…  A 10-hour loop of the “build music” from The Sims.  I used to love using a cheat code to get unlimited money in the game, then just relaxing while building an amazing (or amazingly weird) house. 

Did we ever actually play the game with the characters, as intended?  Well, yes, but building was plenty of fun, too, and this was the soundtrack that played in the background:


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