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Miniature Bunting

Last time, I shared a photo of supplies gathered for making mini bunting to decorate my craft room. 

I made most of it during the weekend.  I was surprised at how quickly it came together– but also by how far those triangles went.  I ended up with much more bunting than I’d expected!  Not a problem, really.  If I get tired of it (or if it gets in the way), I may take it down, but for now, I think it’s fun!

The supplies I used, in case anyone’s interested, are as follows:
— colorful felt triangles (synthetic felt, cut with an old rotary cutter)
— cotton crochet thread (size 10; rainbow variegated, probably South Maid ‘Mexicana’)
— colorful glass beads (larger seed beads, maybe “E beads”?)
— needle (small enough to fit through beads, but not too tiny)

I’m not great with a needle and thread, so my stitches are far from even, but I don’t think that really matters with this project.  I alternated triangles with beads until I had what felt like a decent length (figuring I’d just put it wherever it fit), but you could easily measure and make your strand of bunting exactly as long as you need.

The beads aren’t necessary, either, but I had them on hand and liked the effect.  You could use more beads to space the bunting flags out a little further apart– or use knots in the thread to space the flags, for a more minimalist look. 

Of course the bunting, thread, and beads can be in any colors you like, and the flags can be in nearly any size, since you’re cutting them yourself. Make them larger for more impact or shrink them down to a truly miniature scale!

Here are a few photos of my finished bunting.

There’s a single long strand winding back and forth down the Tower of Crochet Thread (where my childhood collection of rainbowy unicorns also resides).

The stereo (can’t believe it still works after all these years!) and yarn cubbies got a couple more lengths of bunting.  (The one up top is just one very long piece folded in half.)

A couple more adorn the hutch above the desk (keeping company with more mementos and some supply storage).

I enjoyed making this!  It was a nice bit of “almost-instant” gratification.

I think mini bunting could make a cute decoration for a child’s room or a baby gift– or, hey, why not an adult’s gift, if the recipient likes bright and cheerful things?!  This is simple enough to be a fun craft project for any child old enough to use a needle, too.


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