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Luna Lovegood Scarf in “Mermaid”

I’ve written about the Luna Lovegood scarf pattern before, because this is my second time crocheting it. 

This time, I was making the scarf as part of a Christmas gift for my mother.  I decided to try a more finely textured yarn– Gloss Lace in “Mermaid”, another yarn ordered from Knit Picks.   It was my first (and so far, only) time using a laceweight yarn.  (Very exciting!)  I’m not exactly a great judge of yarns (mainly because my experience is so limited), but I was pleased with this one.  It’s 70% merino wool, 30% silk (if that means anything to you). 

Luna Lovegood Scarf in "Mermaid"

I bought a single hank and wound it into a ball by hand (which was an experience in itself!).  I thought the pattern might require most of it (some miscalculation, there…), but it ended up taking much less than that– a little less than half the ball, I think.  I could get a whole second scarf out of the leftovers! If I’d known that, I might have made it a bit longer, but it still turned out to be a perfectly good length for a scarf (especially considering that, with this delicate weight of yarn, this is a “for looks– not warmth” accessory).  Besides, having leftover yarn’s not such a bad thing; I just might use the remnants to make a matching scarf for myself. (g)

Luna Lovegood Scarf in "Mermaid"

The scarf turned out very lightweight, but I knew it would, given the yarn I used and the airiness of this pattern.

 I did run into a very small problem while crocheting this pattern, just like last time.  I tried to see where I made my mistake, but I couldn’t find it.  Anyway, I don’t think it’s obvious– especially after blocking.  Just a reminder that I’m still not a perfect crocheter, nor am I ever likely to be.

I wasn’t sure how large this scarf would turn out to be, but I think it ended up wider than I’d envisioned.  The switch in yarn didn’t make as much difference as I’d expected. I guess that crocheting with a smaller hook would make it a bit tighter (maybe?). . .

(You can read more about this scarf on its Ravelry project page, if you like, or see a few more photos on my Flickr photostream.)


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