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Lost & Found

Don’t you hate it when you drop a crochet hook into the crevice between two seat cushions on your couch, hear a ringing, metallic *ding*, go get a flashlight, pop up the seat’s footrest, and lie on the floor to look under the couch, only to discover (after repeated searches) that the crochet hook is not there and has evidently fallen through a portal to another dimension?

Don’t you just hate that?  Especially when you’re right in the middle of a project and don’t have another hook in the same size?  It’s a total downer.

The next day, Donald and I had to roll the couch upside down to find the hook, but find it we did.  Somehow, it had managed to fall so that it lodged in there somewhere, and it was impossible to see it without turning the couch almost upside down.  I’ve dropped hooks into that couch before.  Usually they fall straight through to the floor; this one got creative.

Now, you may think that turning a couch upside down was a lot of trouble to go through for a hook that costs less than $3 new, but it was a matter of pride that we find the errant tool.  And I guess it wasn’t such a bad thing, in the end, that we did “have” to move the couch, because it gave me the chance to vacuum under it (which hadn’t been done in years, since it’s all but impossible to do properly and no-one sees under there, anyway… and I’m a lazy housekeeper).  Also, it prompted us to go ahead and do what we’d been meaning to do for a while, anyway, which was to swap our two couches’ positions in the room.  (It’s like getting new furniture but without the expense.)

The moral of the story is… I have no idea. (g)

– – – – – – –

The project I was working on with the escapee crochet hook is yet another secret project, I’m afraid– but at least it’s not one that will have to wait until Christmas. 

With the hook back, I’ve all but finished it.  There’s just the worst, most fiddly big left to do… (That always seems to be the way– the first and last parts of a project are the worst.  That’s why I have a handful of projects that are 95% done.)

– – – – – – –

After waiting and waiting– and carefully following the progress of those books I ordered– now that they’re here, I haven’t spent that much time looking at them.  I think I’m “saving” them for something– or just savoring them… Enjoying them a few pages at a time. 

Little Corner of Paradise

…But it’s nice knowing that they’re here, just waiting for the perfect time…

– – – – – – –

I’ve crocheted the Prairie Star motifs together into two panels and pre-washed them.  Friday, I sewed and stuffed a cushion for them to cover, but I had a bit of trouble with that.  I’m not much good at sewing– certainly not at measuring to sew (or predicting how large a pillow case will be when filled).  My first attempt turned out too small for the Prairie Star panels, but fortunately, I can always crochet something “to order”, so I just set it aside for another time.  I tried again and finally made a correctly-sized pillow.  Now I just need to crochet the little bit it takes to turn it all into a crochet-covered cushion.  (Another of the those “worst” bits, in my opinion.)

– – – – – – –

Over the weekend, I picked up the Celtic Cables Neckwarmer (on the left side of the photo above) and continued working on it.  It had been a while since I set it aside, and as is only to be expected, it was slow going at first, until I remembered properly how to cable without a cable needle and got back in the groove of it.  Now I’m stalled again, trying to decide how long it should be.

I don’t think I’m going to use buttons on it, so that saves me the trouble of making the buttonholes.  Instead, I’ll use a shawl pin or stick. 

I really want to just finish the thing so I can start a new knitting project… (Not sure what pattern that will be, though.)


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