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“Look! It’s an afghan!”

I know I’m not the only one who gets excited at the sight of crocheted items in movies or TV shows. My poor husband gets to hear all about it.  “Ooh, look!  Crochet!”  Or in the case of this one program that consistently shows the family using the same two or three crochet afghans, “Look!  It’s a new afghan!  They have a new afghan!”

Now that I’m a novice knitter, you might expect that I’d feel the same way about knitting– and if there’s a particularly stunning example, I might give it a closer look– but in general, crochet sightings are much more thrilling.  Perhaps it’s because crochet is just not nearly as common.  Or maybe I just like crochet more… (Shh.  Don’t tell the knitting needles.  I like them, too– honest.  But I know so much less about knitting… and crochet is so much faster…)

Anyway, I was thinking about great crochet (and knitting) in TV and movies, and I decided to make a short list of my favorites for crochet/knitting sightings (plus maybe a couple more that aren’t quite favorites).  Just because I feel like it. :o) 

“The Middle”
This is the program I referred to earlier.  It is wonderful for crochet spotters.  The family has an afghan on the couch that you see in every single episode, I bet.  Personally, I think it’s kind of ugly, but I still love seeing it every week.  (g)  There are other afghans scattered throughout the house (in Sue’s room, for instance), and there are at least a couple more at the elderly aunts’ home.

Then there was an episode in which the mom (can’t remember her name, but she’s played by Patricia Heaton) has knitted a scarf in some football team’s colors.  The poor lady needs a remedial knitting class– but still!  There are several other knitted and crocheted scarves in that episode– all in the same team colors (blue and white).  I sat and wondered where they’re getting all this hand-knitted and -crocheted stuff.  Theoretically, they could have found a few afghans at some thrift stores, but not all those scarves.  Who’s getting paid to knit or crochet that stuff?  I would do it for free, just for the kick of seeing my blanket, scarf, whatever on TV.  (g)

Hey, set designers/dressers for “The Middle”!  Are you reading this?  Need a new lap blanket for the sofa?  Maybe a doily for the coffee table?  Drop me a line!  ;o)

“New Girl”
I don’t think this show is quite the treasure trove of hand-crafted goodness that “The Middle” is, but I was still very happily amused when Jess has some friends over for “Crochet Time”.  And then we get to see them all sitting around, crocheting or knitting.  (!!!)  There really ought to be more programs with people sitting and crocheting, don’t you think?  ;o)

Harry Potter and the Magical Thing-um of the Moment
I’m certainly not the first to mention it, but the Weasleys wear and use lots of great knitted and crocheted stuff!   Some of the other characters (Hermione, Luna Lovegood) do, too.

“Mike & Molly”
There’s at least one in Molly’s room (usually at the foot of her bed) and one on Mike’s mom’s chair… Maybe more.  (Can’t recall…)

“True Blood”
(…of all places!)  There are quite a few afghans, I think, and I believe there’s a crocheted pot holder or two hanging in Gran’s/Sookie’s kitchen.

Nanny McPhee
First, I’ll admit that I’ve never seen the movie, but somewhere or other, I came across some stills featuring a beautiful granny square blanket– and a quick search suggests that a lot of granny square afghans must have been inspired by it. 

And… that’s all I can think of, at the moment.

Which ones am I missing?

Edited to correct my spelling of “sighting”, because that sort of thing drives me nuts.  Funny how you can completely blank on the correct spelling of a word one day, then be mildly obsessive-compulsive about getting that spelling right, the next…


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