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Latest Doilies (with Photos!)

This year, we had our Christmas get-together with my maternal grandparents (and assorted aunts, uncles, cousins, etc.) earlier than usual, which means I can post photos of the doilies I crocheted for Granny L.

After initially planning to make a large oval or runner, I found myself at the end of November with limited time and an even more limited desire to crochet something complicated.  So I went simple this year.  Tried and true patterns that I’ve made before (but not for the intended recipient).

First up was Denise Augostine Owens’ “Summer Splendor”

This was my third time crocheting from this pattern, and I’ve enjoyed it every time.  (~whisper~ I may even be working on version number four right now…~)  It’s a simple pattern with nothing more complicated than 3-dc clusters.  Now, there are a lot of the clusters, but they’re not bad.  You may even find yourself loving them.  For such an uncomplicated pattern, the resultant doily makes a strong impression, I think.

Summer Splendor

Summer Splendor

To go along with it, I made another (again my third) version of “Octoberfest”, by the same designer.

It’s a small doily and works up very quickly.  I like the pinwheel center, but that part– while very intuitive to crochet– made my hands cramp a bit, this time. Also, it has picots in the last round.  Picots are sometimes essential for a certain look, and once you get into the groove of making them, they can be alright (even enjoyable, in a perverse sort of way), but they take time.  If you can’t get them to look “right”, they’re particularly frustrating.  These were fine– but I do find the last round of the pattern very confusing to decipher.  I have better luck just looking at the finished project photos on Ravelry to see what goes where.


If anyone’s interested in thread details, this color is “American Beauty” in America’s Best size 10 cotton thread, but the line was discontinued years ago.  I made both using my new(ish) Clover 1.75mm hook with the beautiful pistachio elastomer handle.  (I my new hooks!)

And that’s all I have to share for now.

…Actually, I just thought of something else.  But it’s something that requires photos, and I haven’t taken them yet.  It’ll give me something to write about next time, whenever that is.  ;o)


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