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January: 31 Days of Flowers

The first month of the 365 Days of Crochet Flowers is done!

First, here are the last six flowers of January:

365 Days of Flowers

And here’s the whole month:

365 Days of Flowers

It’s hard to picture a whole year’s worth of these flowers.  Just one month of them has added up very quickly!

365 Days of Flowers

The plan at the moment is to see if there are enough to sufficiently decorate a pillow slipcover.  I’ll sew the cover from a solid-colored fabric (maybe just simple cream), then tack the flowers on with needle and thread.  (I’m dreading that part.  Needle and thread aren’t my weapons of choice, but I don’t want to glue them on, and I can’t think of any other way of doing it.)

365 Days of Flowers

The only questions are how many it’ll take and whether to make one pillow cover or two.

365 Days of Flowers

Well, there’s also this question:  If I have enough flowers to make the slipcover(s), what’s next?  Am I really up to the challenge of making these in size 10 thread?  Do I want to do that?  Or should I select a new palette and start making flowers for a wreath?

365 Days of Flowers

Or should I just take a break from the flowers?  I’d rather be working on something else, to be honest.

365 Days of Flowers

They’re pretty, but the lack of a solid, appealing plan for a year’s worth of these flowers has sapped my excitement.  (So fickle!)

Oh, I don’t know.  We’ll see what happens!


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