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It’s Been a While!

It’s been a long time! 

I got a new computer at the end of 2019, which necessitated getting all the programs reinstalled, including some so-called upgrades that actually mean more work rather than less.  (I’ll just go ahead and admit that I hate change.  I like things to be where I expect them to be and to work the way they’ve always worked.  A born fuddy-duddy, if you will.)

At about the same time, I got my first new-to-me smart phone, which I love and am using for a lot of my photos, now– but that also came with a learning curve.  Figuring out where photos end up, how best to get them from Point A to Point B, etc.  (Honestly, I still have a lot to learn with that… I want to find a good editing app for the phone to see if I can streamline things by doing most of the editing directly on the device.)

Then there’s the fact that I still hadn’t completely worked out all the kinks in the new photo storage system that took the place of the photo-hosting site that shall not be named (but it starts with an “F” and appropriately has an “ick” in the middle).

Suffice it to say, there was a lot of upheaval, and I just kept putting off taking the leap back into photos and blogging!

But now I think I’m ready to get back into it.

It’s been a while, so if I repeat myself from previous entries, please forgive me!

– – – – – – –

Where to start?

I think I’ll just stick the most random photos up in this post, to get them out of the way…

First, I knitted a cowl for Mom… and I can’t remember if it was part of her Christmas or birthday… but anyway, here it is:

Not much to look at in these photos, but practical and warm– and it looks better on than it does lying flat.  It’s the “Wham Bam” cowl pattern, which I’ve made several times before. I like it because it’s so easy and quick (worked in bulky or super bulky yarn), and yet (I think) it looks pretty chic for such a simple pattern.  It also makes a really warm cowl and is compact enough to fit in a large jacket pocket or a small bag.  I use mine a lot when I take the dogs out to play on chilly winter afternoons.

Other yarny craft stuff…

I made a bunch of crochet dish scrubbers from cotton and a bazillion more from a bag of mill ends that I think might be a cotton/bamboo blend.  The acrylic ones I’ve made in the past are useful– and I still do use them, especially for greasy pots and non-stick surfaces that need a gentle but effective scrubber– but sometimes cotton is nicer.  I particularly prefer cotton for wiping down countertops, because it will absorb water, whereas the acrylic ones mostly just push it around.

I also finished my “Lotus Moon” afghan, which I’ve yet to photograph.  (Soon!)

At some point, I decided I’d like a small tissue box for my bedside table.  It’s common that I’ll want a tissue if I’m sitting up in bed suffering from insomnia and reading for hours, but with a lamp and books and devices and lotion and so on, there’s not always tons of space.  A full-size box takes up twice as much surface area as the small ones, so small ones it is!  But I didn’t have a cute crochet cozy for a small box, so I chose some scrap yarn and made one.

The pattern is “Granny’s Tissue Box Cover” by Daniela Herbertz.  I think I may have started with a larger chain loop than specified in the pattern, after reading some other people’s project notes, but I no longer remember for certain.

The current crochet project on the hook is “Tavra”, a doily designed by Grace Fearon.  I’ve just started on the second ball of thread, so there’s still a long way to go. 

Moving from yarn to fabric, I have several things to share on the quilting front, but a few of them deserve their own separate blog posts, so I’ll just tackle the main WIP for now.  I’m slowly making Bonnie Hunter’s “Hunter’s String Star” quilt.  It’s taking me forever, but I’ll get there eventually. 

So far, I’ve made all the neutral string squares, all the HSTs, and maybe half the red string squares.

I have the fabric for the chevron units cut and waiting, but haven’t even started assembly of those, yet.  I love sewing the strings, but the HSTs were a struggle toward the end (prompted a hissy fit when I realized during the very last step of pressing them open that I’d somehow failed to sew right sides together on five of my 8-at-a-time sets!!…!!!), and I’m not really looking forward to the chevrons… One unit at a time…

I think that’s nearly enough for this “first time in a long time” blog post.  I’ll leave you with two photos of Luna.

First, here she is hanging out behind the “curtain” of the backing, batting, and quilt top hanging off the quilt frame.  If there’s fabric draped there, she likes to lie there behind her own personal privacy screen.  (g)

And here she is “at anchor”, as we call it.  When we put her in her harness with the retractable leash attached and need to set the leash down for some reason, she usually acts like she’s anchored to that spot and can’t move until someone comes to pick up the anchor leash handle!  Such a silly dog!  Unfortunately, I don’t think this trick works with Frodo!

Back again before too long, I hope!


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