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I went ahead and did it.

Yep, my plastic grocery bags now have a home. ;o)

I basically followed the tutorial that I linked to in my last entry, though I did tweak it a bit. I didn’t start with quite as wide a rectangle as in the tutorial, because my fabric wasn’t wide enough (more on that later). I think my rectangle ended up being about 14 inches wide.

Also, I didn’t have any elastic on hand, so I came up with another solution. I sewed the “tube” at the bottom, fed a piece of yarn through it, gathered the fabric up to tighten the hole a bit (but not too much), and knotted the yarn. Unless I’m missing something, I think this will work just as well as the elastic, and it’s free (assuming you have a little bit of yarn or string lying around the house).

I used fabric scraps I happened to have on hand, because I hate wasting nice, new fabric on a project before I know how it’ll turn out. (Besides, this is going inside the pantry, where hardly anyone will ever see it.) Actually, I didn’t even buy any of these fabrics. (g) The print is from an old button-up shirt I outgrew years ago, the dark grey is from a pair of my husband’s slacks that were damaged and relegated to the rag bag, and the beige is from a throw pillow that had seen better days. I’m using the stuffing in pincushions, and now the casing is getting a new life, too! If I had it to do over again, I probably would’ve arranged the bars of colors differently, but it’s perfectly fine for a behind-closed-doors situation. :o)

It was a very easy, quick project– certainly do-able for anyone with the most basic experience on a sewing machine!


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