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I Took Photos (!!!)

Hey, I actually took some crochet-related photos today!  Sure, the light was awful and some of the photos are kind of blurry, but we’ll just have to make do.  (Because I’m too lazy to haul out the tripod and take them over again.)

Let’s see… There are a few photos of blocked doilies…

The “North Star” doily (made to try out the South Maid thread):

North Star Doily

My lavender “Sunbflower Bloom” doily (a PK design):

Lavender Sunflower Bloom

And my “Pink Lemonade” version of PK’s “Gallant”:

Pink Lemonade

(The last one looks lopsided– not perfectly circular– in the photo… I may need to reblock it, once I improve my blocking board, though I don’t think it looks quite so lopsided “irl”.)

Then there’s another photo of the Firecracker fingerless gloves– with no hands in them, this time. (g)

Lollipop Fingerless Gloves

Here’s the tissue box cover I made for my youngest sister:

Stormy Weather Tissue Box Cover

…And again, with Trixie the Eskie snoozing in the background, because nearly all photos are improved upon with the inclusion of a dog:

Stormy Weather Tissue Box Cover

(Now that I’ve photographed the tissue cozy, I can finally give it to her!)

I still haven’t finished the (longest WIP ever) “fluffy diamonds” pillow, but I’m nearly there. Here’s the (newly sewn and stuffed) filler cushion sandwiched between the two sides of the crocheted cover:

Fluffy Diamonds Pillow - In Progress

The best thing about making pillows?
I don’t have to bother with weaving in all these loose ends! (Woo!)

Fluffy Diamonds Pillow - In Progress

Still speaking of pillows, here’s the one based on the “Something Pretty” motif, front and back:

Four Flowers Pillow - Front

Four Flowers Pillow - Back

So, those are the finished object photos!

– – – – – – –

I’m slowly making my way through the pineapple oval-ish doily.  Though not a technically difficult pattern, it still requires that you pay close attention and assume nothing.  (g)  It keeps me on my toes! 

It’s funny… When I decided to try a written doily pattern after all I’d really done were charted patterns, I was afraid I’d have trouble keeping my place in all those words.  Now that I’ve gotten used to written patterns, I’ve fumbled a couple of times with this charted pattern!  (Moral:  Never wander out of your current comfort zone?  Ok, maybe not.)

For instance:  In round 4 (I think), you’re supposed to put one more set of (dc, ch 2, dc) than is intuitively obvious.  (All the others fall in between dc pairs– or something– but this one set does not.)  Of course I failed to spot that, and it wasn’t until 2 or 3 rounds later that I spotted my mistake (and had to rip, rip, rip it back). 

Once I found and fixed my mistake, the doily flattened out considerably, but it’s still bumpy.  I’ll be disappointed if blocking can’t straighten it all out, but I guess there’s no way to know until you try…

Ovalish Pineapple Doily

Like the crochet addict I’ve become, I’m already feeling that urge to find and plan for my next project(s).  More on that next time!


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