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Home-Grown Pincushions

More pincushions from right here on the homestead! Yee-haw! It’s a pincushion round-up!

(Wait. That didn’t really make much sense, did it? You’ll have to excuse me. I may tend to go a bit wild on this blog, from time to time, since I don’t think many people are actually reading it. As opposed to the ten or twenty souls who read my personal blog. (g))

So. As I was saying. . .
I don’t believe I ever got around to posting a photo of this “girly-girl pincushion” before. It’s “girly-girl” because it’s so pink and purple, of course. It’s inspired by those penny rugs that had such a resurgence in popularity a while ago. I topped it off with one of my handmade polymer clay buttons. (I do so love to work those into my little sewing projects!)

While I had the camera warmed up, I snapped a couple photos of one of my first, simplest pincushions, which is now serving in the capacity of a needle-cushion. (I suppose I ought to make myself a needle book, one of these days.)

(You’ll find more photos of these and other pincushions on my Flickr photostream. As a matter of fact, I recently created a set just for those pincushion photos.)

And last but not least, here’s a photo of. . . well, what do you think it is?

Right now it resembles some strange piece of modern art (not a fan of most of that stuff, to tell the truth), but it’s actually the felt bits for a trio of mouse pincushions. I took advantage of a rare mood to cut things out, so now I’m all ready to stitch three of them together. (The button eyes are ready, too, as I made extras, last time.) Now I just need to thread my needle and start!


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