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Hemming and Hawing

Literally and figuratively.  ;o)

I dusted off the sewing machine this afternoon.  (I know.  I actually sewed something.  This blog should really be named something else entirely, considering how rarely I sew.)  I finally cut and hemmed some “thrifted” ($1) full-length jeans down to capri length.  I’ve been meaning to do it all summer, but I really don’t enjoy the process of hemming things, so I kept putting it off.  Sewing doesn’t get much easier than hemming, but I always worry I’ll get the legs uneven, or too short, and I don’t like dealing with all the pins… nor do I particularly enjoy sewing over the thick bunches at the seams.  But all that said, it worked out fine, and now I have another pair of comfy denim capris for around the house wear.

I probably ought to carry the sewing momentum on to making the simple skirt(s) I’ve been planning to sew since last summer.  (Then there are all those curtains I want to make…)

As for the figurative hemming and hawing, I can’t settle down to the actual starting of the new afghan.  I think I may “have” to wait until I’ve finished the doily “already in progress”.  In theory, I like the idea of having two or three projects to choose from, at any given time.  Something absorbing– something portable– something mindless for when I want to pay attention to the TV or a book on tape while I crochet.  In practice, though, I worry about my gauge changing in mid-project, and I tend to focus on one crochet project at a time.  Other “open” projects go into hibernation/neglect mode.

Well, there aren’t too many more rounds on the doily… A few more evenings of crocheting should see it done.  


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