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Heart Vines Hats

It’s been what feels like forever since I knit these hats, but it was really just a little over a year ago.  Though they were both knitted in under a month, I never weaved in the ends and so never took any photos.  Since I wanted to give them for Christmas, I was finally motivated to get it done! 

The pattern, from what I can recall, was a lot of fun to knit.  It’s one of those patterns that looks more complicated than it really is. 

Heart Vines Hat, by Sara Kay Hartmann

"Heart Vines"

I made two of them because the first one turned out smaller than I’d expected.  It then occurred to me to give the small hat to my young niece– and to make a second matching hat (in a larger size) for my sister (the niece’s mother). 

(The second one did turn out a little larger, but neither are huge hats, by my estimation.)

"Heart Vines"

Here are the two hats, the smaller one stacked on top of the larger one:

"Heart Vines"

And again, side by side:

"Heart Vines"

The yarn (Lion Brand Martha Stewart Crafts Extra Soft Wool Blend) has been discontinued, which is a shame, because it was a pleasant, soft yarn that (apparently) can be machine-washed and -dried. 

I believe these are the last two hats I’ve made… I enjoy making hats, but can only use so many of them myself (especially given our relatively short winters).  Donald rarely wears either of the two I’ve made him.  (He prefers a type of hat that I believe is called a flat cap– not a type that lends itself well to the kind of knitting I like to do!)  Family members get the occasional knitted hat as a gift, but I don’t want to go overboard. 

I have an idea or two of ways to dispose of superfluous hats– if/when I ever start knitting them in greater numbers. 


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