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Get Busy and Procrastinate

Christmas is fast approaching, and the get-together at which most of my “secret projects” need to be given is even sooner than that!  This is when I don’t quite panic, but wonder why I didn’t make myself finish things earlier.  Oh, and there’s still a little shopping to do, too.  In stores.  With the crowded aisles and the unpleasant sensation that if someone else isn’t in your way, you‘re in theirs.  *insert wild-eyed expression of dread here*

So, let’s see… Before I allow myself to do fun stuff, like take and post photos or work on the projects that really interest me, at the moment, I have to attend to the following:

— Finish crocheting tiny bits of two projects, stuff and stitch them together, and do a little embroidery.  Shouldn’t take too long, but I do dislike the embroidery bit…And the stitching together, too, for that matter.

— Start at least one similar project from scratch, after deciding what pattern to use and selecting yarn from stash.  (!)

—  Stuff/finish a small, easy project, then decide if I have time, will, and/or the need to make another one or two to match.  (Maybe not…)

—  Block no fewer than six (possibly a couple more) small items.  Oh, after weaving in some ends, that is.  (Of course.  The ubiquitous end-weaving!)

—  Do a small bit of measuring/sewing/stuffing so that I can finish crocheting a couple more gift items.  Pre-wash and do a little finishing work.  (These aren’t “due” until after Christmas, but I would love to get them done before, so I can scratch them off the list.)

—  Possibly do a bit of “extreme blocking” with watered-down glue.  (Yuck.)

—  Possibly finish a small bit of seasonal crocheting for our home.  If not, it can wait.  I like the idea of the finished object, but the actual crocheting?  Not that much fun.  Originally, I’d planned to make several of these as small gifts.  I pictured myself churning out a dozen or so, with a smile on my face.  Ha!  Not going to happen.

Earlier in the year, I had a pretty big project in mind to finish for Christmas, but I gradually talked myself out of it, and I’m glad I did.  At some point, you’ve done enough gift-making for the year.  It’ll wait for another time (if ever). 

I’m sure that when the gift-making is done, I’ll be happy (or at least satisfied) with the results, but at the moment, I’m just eager to get things done and off my mind.  Someone remind me to start earlier, next year? 


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