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FO: Rhubarb Scarf Wannabe

Here’s another long-overdue finished object report!

This is a project I’ve written about multiple times before, back when it was still in-progress.  Basically, it’s a Catherine wheel pattern worked in two colorways of the same yarn.  The whole thing was inspired by this lovely scarf, which the crocheter called her “Rhubarb Scarf”, because (if I recall correctly) the colors of the yarn and the ruffled edging reminded her of rhubarb.  (I think you have to sign in with Ravelry to see the scarf at the link above.)

I dyed my own yarn, and because of the crazy colors, my resultant scarf bears little resemblance to its inspiration, but it was an interesting project, all the same.

“Rhubarb Scarf Wannabe”
Pattern:  “Noro Catherine Wheel Scarf” by Michelle Mooney
(Pattern free on Ravelry)

"Rhubarb Scarf Wannabe"

Yarn:  Deborah Norville Serenity Sock Weight Solids, “Soft White” hand-dyed (see below)

I think I used three skeins, though there was probably some left over of the last one, which I used for edging only.

"Rhubarb Scarf Wannabe"

I’ve discussed the yarn-dyeing procedure before– at length!  (And here’s the entry about dyeing the yarn for the edging, for good measure.)

"Rhubarb Scarf Wannabe"

It’s a little bit kooky, maybe, with all those bright colors…

"Rhubarb Scarf Wannabe"

…But I got a lot of hours of entertainment out of those three skeins of yarn!

"Rhubarb Scarf Wannabe"

I decided to make it into an infinity scarf (with a twist) instead of leaving it as a regular scarf.  It wraps around my neck twice loosely or three times snugly.

"Rhubarb Scarf Wannabe"

(Another old project scratched off the list!)


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