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FO: “Punkin’ Patch” Quilt

Earlier this week, I finished applying the binding (and label) to the pumpkin quilt, so now it’s done!  

The pattern is “Punkin’ Patch” by Bonnie Hunter.  

I added in some white and yellowish pumpkins, because I love the way they look and thought it would be fun to throw some in there.  

It’s been a while since I started piecing it, I think, but from what I recall, the string pumpkins were a lot of fun to sew, and I enjoyed seeing the pumpkin blocks come together.  The tons of tiny green squares and the flying geese were a little more of a slog for me, personally, even though I used strip sets for the squares and made the flying geese with a 4-at-a-time method to speed things up.  It’s the type of sewing that’s worth it for the purpose of the finished quilt, but not as much fun as string-piecing.  

In any case, it’s done, now, bound, washed, and dried! 

Here are some photos to mark the occasion:

Now that that’s done, I need to load one of the “Tall Tales” quilts onto the frame.  Maybe before too long… So far, all I’ve done, craftswise, is work a bit on the current doily and start some string-piecing for the next quilt project:

More on that another time!


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