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FO: Mermaid’s Tears

Here’s another finished object with photos, at long last.

This is one I knitted in a couple of weeks, back in the late summer of 2015– but I only recently got around to blocking it and taking some photos.

“Mermaid’s Tears”
Pattern:  “Petits Trous de Printemps” by Berangere Cailiau
(Free on Ravelry, in English and French)

"Petits Trous de Printemps"

Yarn:  Knit Picks Aloft, “Tranquil”

One ball made a nice-sized scarf.  I’d estimate it’s about 64 inches long.

"Petits Trous de Printemps"

The pattern doesn’t call for adding beads, but there are several projects on Ravelry (with accompanying notes) that include them.  My own notes mention the modifications I made (and the Raveler whose notes I found helpful).

"Petits Trous de Printemps"

This was my first time working beads into a knitting (or crochet, for that matter) project, but once I got the hang of it, I really enjoyed the process.  I’d definitely like to work glass beads into more projects.  They add an elegant touch of sparkle, and I like the contrast of the cool, smooth beads with the warm, fuzzy yarn.

"Petits Trous de Printemps"

The mohair/silk-blend yarn was pleasant to work with, too, even though mohair has quite a reputation for being a nightmare to tink or rip back.  The key seems to be to not make significant mistakes. Very helpful tip, right?  But seriously, if you do need to frog mohair, it may help to put it in the freezer for a while beforehand– and get yourself a pair of small, very sharp-pointed scissors so you can carefully snip tangled bits of fluff– not the strand of yarn as a whole— that just don’t want to budge.  

"Petits Trous de Printemps"

It’s light as a cloud– soft, fluffy, decadent– and (though I haven’t yet had an opportunity to wear it for very long) I think it’s surprisingly warm, for something that looks so insubstantial.  I wouldn’t put it up against an Arctic wind on a blustery day, but it’s warmer than you might think.

"Petits Trous de Printemps"

All in all, this was a very satisfactory project.  Its super easy to knit (especially if you forego the beads).  It’s definitely one of those patterns where the yarn is the star of the show.  Even simple stockinette (with occasional eyelet rows) looks lovely when knitted in a floaty, fuzzy yarn.

"Petits Trous de Printemps"


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