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FO: “Lotus Moon Tiles”

There’s one more finished afghan to share– “Lotus Moon Tiles”, a crochet design by Polly Plum.

I started this afghan in September 2019 and finished it in February 2020.  It’s not a large afghan, so I could have finished it much more quickly, but every time I came to a point where I needed to make a color decision or begin another phase of the pattern, it went into Time Out.

This afghan, like so many of Polly Plum’s designs, is texture-rich and fairly complex– a significant step up in difficulty from the granny square.  However, the pattern is very carefully and clearly written, which is a great help.

I love the look of the join the designer chose (a free single crochet join-as-you-go method by The Hat & I).  This join has a lovely twisty effect.  If I remember, I’d be happy to use it again for other afghans in the future.  It would be great for joining sampler afghans.

The pattern includes a guide for calculating yarn amounts for larger versions of the afghan, but I decided to stick with the original 12-octagon layout, which makes a good size for a lapghan.

My color choices were based on what I had in stash:

–Caron One Pound, “Off White”
–Caron One Pound, “Sunflower”
–mill ends, light purple heather/tweed
–I Love This Yarn!, “Mulberry”
–I Love This Yarn!, “Hyacinth”
–Caron One Pound, “Limeaide”
–Caron One Pound, “Grass Green”
–Stitch Studio by Nicole Earthtone, “Teal”
–Stitch Studio by Nicole Earthtone, “Silver Fox”
–mill ends, darker purple heather/tweed
–Caron One Pound, “Denim”

I think it turned out to be pretty (if I do say so myself).  If I  were to make it again, I’d probably go for a scrappier style with different colors for each lotus.  I can see it in warm, autumnal hues… Or sunset colors…

Actually, now that I look at the photos, I think I might like to make an afghan of nothing but the “leaves” (the square motifs).  That could be a lot of fun in scraps.  Not enough hours in the day!  (And too many afghans already in the house!)


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