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FO: “Lorelai”

“Lorelai”, designed by Grace Fearon.

Crocheted in America’s Best Country Cotton (size 10), “American Beauty”.  (That thread brand was discontinued years ago.  I’m still working through my stash.)  It’s less of a true, “Christmas” red than it looks in some photos.  The dark rose-red is closer to the reality.

This pattern is available for free– a good way to sample the designer’s pattern-writing style and difficulty level. 

This wasn’t one of my favorites, for some reason… I’m not sure why (no longer remember, at this point, if I ever knew).  Maybe the thread has something to do with it– not my favorite brand and not my favorite color for thread crochet, either.  Still, I think it turned out nicely enough (even though I did cheat a bit on Round 21, since I couldn’t face crocheting into the back loop of each individual chain). 


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