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FO: In Anticipation of October

Yet another finished object is finally getting its moment in the spotlight!  ;o)

“In Anticipation of October”
Pattern:  “October is for Spinners” by Sharon Emery
(Pattern free on Ravelry)

"In Anticipation of October"

Yarn:  Lion Brand Fishermen’s Wool, “Natural” (hand-dyed with food color gels)

"In Anticipation of October"

I’ve forgotten most of the ups and downs of this project, but I did blog about it fairly early in the process.  There are also a few notes on my Ravelry project page.

"In Anticipation of October"

What I do remember is that it was fun and exciting to knit the spider and the first intentional holes.

"In Anticipation of October"

The “end” of the scarf (the part without the spider) is very chaotic and messy-looking.  I had to block it pretty severely to get it to the right width (or “close enough”).

"In Anticipation of October"

I’m afraid this project shows that I am prone to “rowing out”, which is generally thought a bad thing.  I try not to worry about it, though.  It might be a technical short-coming, but I guess it’s one I can live with.

Rowing out aside, I was pretty impressed that I could knit that neato spider!  (g) And to think, when I started out on my first knitting project, I could barely even hold the needles right! ;o)

"In Anticipation of October"

Will I ever actually wear it?  …Maybe.

"In Anticipation of October"

Some things are worth making just for the sake of the making!  (That’s proving to be the theme of all these latest FOs, isn’t it?!  I probably am more of a process crafter than a product crafter.)


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