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FO: “Florence”

Sorry about falling off the face of the Earth for a while!  I’m back!  I’ve temporarily stalled out on the quilting front (soon to be remedied), but on the positive side, I finished a doily and blocked both it and one that’s been waiting its turn for months.  

The pattern is “Florence”, designed by Grace Fearon.  

I used Alize Miss Batik thread in colorway 3724.  It’s a refreshing, spring-ish blend of blues and greens.  It puts me in mind of lakes and clear streams edged with tufts of grass and moss.  

I think this pattern worked well with long-change variegated thread, but I’ve also seen some versions in solid colors that highlight the texture with beautiful crispness.  

There’s nothing else to say about it, or at least nothing that the following photos can’t communicate much more clearly and concisely!


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