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FO: “Calpurnia”

I just can’t seem to keep this blog updated on a regular basis!  Occasional entries are better than none, though, and I can keep trying.

I finished the “Punkin Patch” quilt top, but decided not to rush the quilting and binding, so I’m holding off on the photos for now.

Progress on the “Lotus Moon” afghan came to a halt for a while– first, because I had a ton of ends to weave in (and got a bit burned out as a result of those), and second, because I didn’t want to figure out the color placement for the square motifs.  Eventually I bit the bullet, chose some colors, and crocheted them.  Now I’m back in end-weaving purgatory.  At least there are as many ends (or motifs!) in this batch, and when they’re done, I’ll be moving on to the triangles, then start joining it all together.

As far as finished objects go, there are three newly blocked doilies to share.  I’m starting with “Calpurnia”.

– – – – – – –

“Calpurnia” is a doily pattern by…

Who could it be? 

Yes, ten points to all who guessed that the designer is Grace Fearon.  What can I say?  I enjoy her designs, and she comes out with new ones on a fairly regular basis.  Betcha can’t crochet just one! 

The thread is probably my all-time favorite brand, DMC Cébélia (size 10).  Taupe (color 842) most likely wouldn’t have been my first choice of thread colors, but I bought it on clearance from limited options– and I have to say, even though I might not have gravitated toward it originally, I like it a lot, now that it’s crocheted into a doily.  It’s understated, elegant, and would go with pretty much anything.

I’m very happy with how this doily turned out!  The beautiful textures really shine in this design.


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