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FO: Cables and Lace Advent Scarf (2015)

If you’ve been reading along, you know that I recently washed and blocked (for the first time) an Advent scarf I knitted three years ago.  If I remember correctly, I finished the knitting not too long after the holiday season, but I then took a long, long time to decide how to finish it– then even longer to finally wash it!  (I hope to be a little faster with this year’s Advent scarf!)

My blocking job is far from perfect.  This is partly due to the challenges of blocking a loop scarf, but probably owes more to the fact that I was in a hurry to just be done and test the softness of the yarn.  (Uncertainty over whether I’d actually ever wear such an itchy yarn as a scarf made me unwilling to spend too much time fussing over it.)

My knitting isn’t perfect, either.  The grafting is kind of ugly, to be honest, but that’s fairly easily hidden.  I’m more distracted by the “rowing out” in the reverse stockinette background around the sections of cables.  I try not to mind it.  (And I’m pretty sure there will be rowing out in the upcoming scarf, too…  It’s ok, really.  I don’t know anyone else “in real life” who knits.  Most people will probably think it’s a design element, if they notice it at all!)

Enough apologizing (excuse-making)!  On with the FO reveal!

The pattern is Cables and Lace Advent Scarf 2015 by Tricia Weatherston.  I think the last time I mentioned the pattern on my blog (just a week or two ago?), the pattern was not available, but that’s fortunately changed, now!  It’s available for purchase on Ravelry!

I really enjoyed knitting mine and recommend it to anyone who likes cables– and lace– and lots of variety.  This would be a great project for anyone who gets bored by too much repetition, because it’s constantly changing, from section to section.

It’s been so long since I knitted this that I don’t remember much about it (beyond that I enjoyed the knitting), so I’ll just link to my project notes and let my photos do the talking!

Even if I never wear it, I had fun making it, and it’s good to have this project finally properly finished in time to start this year’s scarf.  Just over a week until the first clue is released!


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