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FO: “Athena”

Last doily of the day!

This is “Athena”, also designed by Grace Fearon.  This was a CAL pattern, which means that the pattern comes with a round-by-round photo tutorial– very helpful if you’re more of a visual learner or if you’re new to advanced crochet doilies. 

Crocheted with Aunt Lydia’s Classic Crochet (size 10), “Wasabi”.  As usual, the color isn’t consistent across all my photos.  It’s a bright yellow-green/spring green.

I had some issues with the overlapping, interwoven section near the center of the doily.  I’m still not completely convinced that I did it just right, but it seems to have worked out okay.  The rest of the pattern, I think I enjoyed crocheting.  Lots of texture– and that yellow-green was fun to work with, too. 


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