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FO: “Amelia” Doily

I crocheted another doily earlier in the year– probably in the month or so before Mother’s Day in May.  (I remember giving it to Mom, but without looking it up, I’m not positive if it was for her birthday or Mother’s Day.)
The pattern is “Amelia”, a design by Grace Fearon.  The thread is Alize Miss Batik (not sure of the color number).  
I don’t think I have much more to say about this project.  (Just a ton of photos to share in a moment…)  I still have that other doily– the huge one– to block, but I just can’t make myself want to deal with it, yet!  Eventually I’ll work up the enthusiasm.  
In the meantime, I’ve taken a break from thread crochet.  Instead, I dug out a bag of scrap yarn and made some granny squares, then joined them into 9-patch blocks.  (I need to get a photo of that stack, some time!) When I ran out of sufficient scrap yarn, I stopped.  Now it’s gone back into hibernation, but it’s one giant step closer to being a completed afghan.  

I also dug out a bunch of yarn from the stash, as well as some stashed patterns.  The plan is to make a sampler afghan, but I’ve yet to put hook to yarn.  It’s just waiting for the right mood to strike.  It’s been such a long time since I made a sampler afghan!  I used to love the process of choosing yarn for sampler blocks, though.  It just takes that first push to get back into the groove.  

Okay, that’s the crochet/yarn-craft report!  😜  Time for more photos of the finished “Amelia”!


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