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Flower Garden Hexagon Afghan– Yikes!

I know I said I was going to take some photos of the completed flower garden hexagon… and technically, there is a photo of it toward the end of this post… but it’s probably not the type you’re expecting.

See, what happened is this: 
I “finished” the afghan, right?  I mean, sure, there were hundreds of ends still to be woven in and trimmed, but as far as crocheting went– done!  I had every intention of pulling out the afghan when cool weather came and happily weaving in ends while sitting in front of the TV on cozy evenings at home.

That was my intention.
What actually happened?  Well, the blanket got covered up by a couple of things that needed still need mending, and out of sight = out of mind.  Then December popped up out of nowhere, and I spent evenings either working on Christmas gifts or debating whether or not I had time to make this or that Christmas gift. 

Fast-forward to 2011.  I pulled out the afghan and saw that (much to my dismay) those loose tails hadn’t magically pulled themselves in.  (So lazy of them, really.)

So, I’ve begun the long, arduous process of weaving in ends.  Some of them already were woven in– those I did back when the blanket was still in progress.  If only I had been a good little crocheter and done them all as I went along!!

(The good news:  I learned my lesson, and when I made my version of the Moorish Mosaic Afghan, I dutifully wove in ends immediately after crocheting each motif.  Now I just have to weave in the ends I create when I crochet all those motifs together.  I’m very proud of myself for that, actually. (g))

I have a feeling this weaving-in bit is going to take a long time.  There are eight tails per hexagon… and I don’t know how many hexagons remain, but it’s a whole bunch.  I try not to think about that big number, though– just do my one or two at a time (because did I mention that I’m kind of plodding at end-weaving?  Well, I am…) and keep faith that eventually– however unlikely it may seem now– I will work my way down to the last one. 

Want to see my progress?
I took this photo this morning.  I’ve done maybe six or seven more since then, so it’s a fairly accurate representation of the current state of affairs.

Flower Garden Hexagon Afghan -- Yikes!

(The bump under the blanket is a couple of throw pillows.)

It looks like I have approximately two-thirds of the ends still to weave…

(Man, am I glad this wasn’t a bed-sized afghan!!) 

Well, I might try to go tackle another hexagon or two… Yaaaay.  ;o)

(One pleasant thing about weaving in the ends is getting to look at and think about all the color combinations again.  I do enjoy that.)

P.S.  And yes, I know, I know.  I should’ve crocheted over my tails to save myself most of this work.  I did try that, but I just didn’t like how it looked, with this motif.  I think that if I ever do a similar pattern again, I might crochet over them anyway, though.  (I wasn’t as familiar with crochet techniques at the beginning of the project as I am now.  These days, I might be able to figure a better, neater way of hiding the tails.)


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