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Finishing & Starting (?)

This feels surreal… I think I just actually finished the Fuzzy Diamonds Pillow!!  (Could I be dreaming?)  According to my Ravelry project notes, I started that thing in July of last year, so it’s about time the crazy thing was done.

Crocheting with novelty yarn is still Not Fun (which is a big part of why it took me a year to finish the pillow), but it wasn’t that bad, once I got started.  Anyway, it’s DONE, now.  It doesn’t really “go” with our style of decor– especially not our living room– so I just tossed it on the bed.  It can stay there for a while.

In the end, I just single crocheted the two halves together.  No need for a fancy border on this one, I think.  First, because I am so, so ready for this pillow to be finished. Second, because I shudder at the prospect of crocheting more fuzzy yarn right now.  Third, because aforesaid fuzzy yarn is kind of floofy, and I suspect that a border of any real width would flop all over the place.  Fourth, because I’ve already marked it as “finished” in Ravelry, and that’s that.  It’s done.  The hook’s already been put away for a well-deserved rest.  (Phew.)

– – – – – – –

The Oval-ish Pineapple Doily (designed by Jeanne Fancello) is still in progress, of course, but as I wrote before, that hasn’t stopped my wandering eye.  ;o)

This morning, I read this post on Sols(tr)ikke, which mentions this pattern on Ravelry:  Vintage Crocheted Blanket.  It struck my fancy, even though I haven’t lately been that interested in afghans worked in rows– ripples, chevrons, etc.  But this one’s an exception.  I especially like it in bright, random colors– like the second example photo on the pattern’s Ravelry page.  The pattern’s available for download for $5, but I’ve also found a few other patterns that look very similar (to me, at least): 

Waterfall (by Glenda Winkleman)
Printed in Quick-Stitch Crochet Afghans.

Blue Skies (by Leana Moon)
Pages 37 through 40 in 40 Favorite Ripple Afghans.  Ravelry doesn’t have a specific page up for this pattern, yet, but here’s the Ravelry page for the book as a whole.  This pattern has rows of V-stitch (which appears to be the basis of all these patterns) broken up by the occasional row of puff stitches.  I like the look, but I imagine it would be easy enough to alter the pattern to leave out the puff stitches, if you didn’t want them.  (It would make your yarn go further, I’m sure.)

And the best for last:
Eight Shades Ripple (by Bernat Design Studio)
It’s free online (in English and French)! 
This may not be exactly the same as the Vintage Crocheted Blanket, but it looks very, very close.  Close enough that I think I’d save the money for more yarn.  ;o)

Oh, and while I was looking, I was momentarily sidetracked by these other two pretty (and free) ripple afghans:

Antigua Throw:

Granny Ripple:

So.  Assuming I’m ready to start an afghan, which shall it be?  I’m dithering.  (What a surprise.)  Part of me is smitten with this V-stitch chevron style.  Another part of me is saying, “What are you thinking?!  You’ve had your next afghan planned for at least a month or two already.”

That’s true.  I even have the yarn set aside.  Waiting.

(Um, please ignore the stack of tissue paper. I’m in the middle of a never-ending craft-space clean-up.)

New Afghan Palette

These are the colors I was planning on using for my version of the Weekend in Stockholm. I still really want to make that afghan, too…

Since I have the yarn all picked out, I think I’ll start with the Weekend in Stockholm Throw (but mine will be a Summer in Sweden Throw). However, I do believe I see the dim outlines of a Vintage-y V-Stitch Ripple in my future. At least I very much hope so. ;o)


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