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Finished! Second “Tall Tales” Quilt

Did I write about this one already?  I probably mentioned that I had finally bound this quilt, but I don’t know if I posted photos or not.  

To be honest, photos are almost pointless, because this quilt is so similar to the other version as to be nearly interchangeable.  Some of the “book covers” are different, and they’re arranged differently, but to the casual observer, they look the same.  

To briefly recap this quilt, it started when I began making a “Tall Tales” foundation paper pieced quilt for my niece.  I enjoyed making the sample “book” block so much that I thought I’d make a second quilt for myself.  All the books were pieced at the same time, but while I finished Clarabel’s in time to give it for Christmas 2020 (it’s been a while!), mine took longer to complete.  …Because I stopped wanting to work on it. 😆

Anyway, this quilt is very similar to the first one in just about every way.  Many of the book covers are the same.  Same type of backing– flannel.  Same batting– 100% cotton.  Same type of quilting– SITD around the book components and meandering across the background.  The binding is different, I think… I believe I used pink for hers, while for mine I used some leftover binding in navy blue.  

I finally put on the finishing touches a long while back, but I don’t believe I ever posted photos.  I didn’t take many photos, either.  …If I’ve already posted these and have somehow managed to forget about it… Well, sorry for the boring post!  😅  

These are not the best photos, as you can tell… I was having some issues with the camera not focusing, back when I shot these– it tuned out that the lens had developed a problem– and I’m too lazy to bother with another photoshoot.  I’ll try to do better next time I take photos of a finished quilt.  I do like having a photo record of what I’ve made, but sometimes it’s hard to feel like making that extra effort.  I’m just getting lazy, I guess!  

At least these give an idea of what the quilt looks like.  Very much like the other one, right? 😁 Yeah, I shouldn’t have made two of the same quilt.  That was kind of… well, mildly stupid.  I think the only way I’ll ever do this again is if I’m making matching quilts for twins.  😉 And even then, I might just make two similar quilts instead of two quilts in the very same pattern.  You just lose interest after the first one’s done! (Or at least I did!)  

I do love this quilt pattern, though, and I enjoyed piecing the books.  It’s not too tricky, even if you’re not experienced with foundation paper piecing.  Choosing the covers was a lot of fun, and it would be easy to personalize it to a recipient by finding novelty fabrics that correlate with their interests.  You could even base them on actual books and embroider titles on the spines– especially if you made them at a larger scale.  

The pattern is “Tall Tales” by Kate Basti, if anyone’s interested.  Recommended!  


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