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Finished Flimsy: Bitcoin

I finished the “Bitcoin” quilt top! 

Phew!  Sewing and pressing those last couple of seams was a relief.  I’m ready for something less chaotic, for the next project.  

Sewing the long strips together with all those nesting seams was a bit slow going.  I’m not in a hurry to make this one again, but I think my fabric choices are the main reason I wasn’t as enthused about this quilt top.  

It’s not that I strongly dislike it, but it’s just utter chaos, and I can’t help not feeling as fond of it as I have for some other quilts I’ve made.  It might feel more appealing after quilting.

I didn’t remember to stay-stitch around the edge before folding it up, so if I recall, I’ll do that before trying to quilt it, but for now, it’s staying where it is—neatly folded and stowed away.

(Those photos all look a little too much alike, but picking out the best few would require actual effort on my part, so there they’ll stay…)

I think I know what my next quilt project will be.  It’s one I’m not as excited about making, but something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time—something we need.  I want to make a lightweight “summer quilt” for our king size bed, using vintage sheets (and maybe some other fabric that has that same vintage feeling).  

The “problems”… Well, they aren’t really problems, necessarily… They’re more “reasons I am hesitant”… 

Whatever you want to call them, here they are:

  1.  I dislike starting with huge pieces of fabric like whole sheets.  They’re difficult to wrestle into place for cutting.  I’m lazy!
  2. I’ve never sewn with vintage sheets before, and I vaguely remember that some people recommend using a wider seam allowance (I think?) for vintage sheets.  It’s not a big deal, but it’s something else I have to keep in mind.
  3. I want to keep this very simple, so probably just lots of largish squares sewn together. That’s kind of boring, but at least it should come together quickly.
  4. My quilt frame can’t accommodate a quilt of this size.

Number 4 is the real issue here.  Because a king size quilt can’t fit on my frame, I’ll need to try something different.  I’m planning to make one big panel just about as large as my frame can handle, then quilt two narrower side panels.  Finally, I’ll use a “quilt-as-you-go” technique to sew the three quilted pieces together.  It should be do-able.  Other people have done it, after all.  I’m just a bit intimidated by new-to-me techniques!

For the moment, I’m without a quilt project, because I’ve been dealing with a messy craft room. 

There’s the ordinary aftermath of a quilt—scraps, pieces of fabric to fold and return to storage, notes, loose threads, etc.  But when I dug out all the paint and other supplies for print-making, I made a much bigger mess of the room than usual.  There were boxes pulled out of the closet and left in the middle of the floor, random clutter on every surface, and a general feeling of disarray. 

When you start going through things hidden away in boxes at the back and bottom of a closet, you realize how much “stuff” you’ve accumulated over the years.  Some of it I’m excited to see again, with new ideas sparking for ways to use this rediscovered tool or material.  Other things evoke a less positive emotional response—almost a feeling of guilt for not having used it—for having too many abandoned hobbies and not enough time (or interest) to keep up with them all.  

I know it’s a common dilemma, and it’s silly to worry about it.  Crafters are known for migrating from one hobby to another, accumulating at least a few new supplies with every passing interest.  It’s okay to try a lot of things and let fading interests go as you make time for new ones.  I just need to be aware of what I have and make some choices. 

Maybe it’s time to let some things go, or at least make an active effort to use some things up.  Using it up is a good thing!  (It’s too easy to not want to use “too much” of the things you like best, but supplies and materials are meant to be consumed…)

…Well, anyway, I’ve been working on rearranging things so that I can more easily access the tools and supplies relevant to my currently active hobbies, with things I use less often put in the harder-to-reach areas, instead.  I probably won’t know for a while how well I did with the reorganizing, and there may be further tweaking to come, but it’s a start!

I still have a bit more organizing to do before starting to cut the fabric, and I also need to come up with a plan for the size and number of squares required.

A pair of cardinals built a nest in the rose trellis near our back door.  It’s a strange place to build a nest—no more than 12 to 15 feet from a big window and door where three dogs (and two people) come and go all day long.  

The other day, I noticed that the female was sitting in the nest, so when she left, I took a quick photo.  Two eggs!  

Since then, she’s been spending a a lot of her time in the nest, and she doesn’t seem to be too bothered by our comings and goings. 

Maybe these eggs will fare better than the ones another cardinal laid in a nest built low in the arbor over our main gate, several years ago.  (A black racer snake got those…)

…And here’s a photo of Frodo for no real reason:

I finished listening to The Talisman and A Very British Cult.  Next up will be another audiobook, but I’m not sure which one.  Probably a mystery/thriller.  


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