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English Garden Block Completed

My English Garden block (designed by Julie Yeager) is finished!
I changed the last couple of rounds slightly– mainly to increase the size.  More details on my Ravelry project page (linked above).

English Garden

I’ve started on the next block– shattered (by Margaret MacInnis)– but I’m waiting for the last day of clues (released tomorrow) to be able to continue with that one.  I have a progress photo from yesterday (not up to date on my progress so far) at the Ravelry link above, but since some people are working on this one as a mystery CAL, I guess I won’t post that here, just in case.

April’s block is from another guest designer, Polly Plum, but we’re still waiting for that one to be available (seeing as it isn’t technically even April, yet).  In the meantime, I decided to try another of that designer’s blocks.  She has some stunning ones available.  I started with a freebie that’s been in my queue for months: Denna.  I’m not sure my color placements are the best possible arrangement, but I’m sure it’ll be fine.  It’s a fun block to make, so far.

I laid out the few completed Whispers of Spring blocks (BAMMM Shazaam CAL blocks) on the bed to get an idea for how many I might want to make.  I’m thinking 4 x 5 looks about right.  Twenty blocks, then.  At the moment, it doesn’t feel like I’ll be willing to drag this project out for the rest of the year– but then again, the heat of summer might make it easier to set aside in favor of a lace project… Then there’s also a lot of gardening to focus on, in the next couple of months…

Also, I’m very seriously considering jumping in on this other afghan CAL:  Frida’s Flowers Blanket.  Stylecraft (the UK yarn company) is hosting this event.  The free pattern will be released in sections every two weeks over the course of four months.  (The first bit’s not coming out until the 5th of April, but there are a couple of “gearing up” informational PDFs available now.)  The designer is Jane Crowfoot, whose patterns I’ve often admired.  This one is beautifully floral– one of my favorite styles of crochet.  I’m still not sure if I’ll make this right away, but it’s a definite possibility.


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