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Doily Progress (???)

I did run out of the light aqua thread for the current doily-in-progress.  It was so close, but there simply wasn’t enough yardage, so I ripped out that round and started again with a different thread– Aunt Lydia’s in “Aqua”.

The two aquas are not quite the same, but they’re not glaringly different, either.  If only I’d known I wouldn’t have enough of the first aqua, I could’ve introduced the second aqua earlier in the doily.  There are two repetitions of those meshy, loopy bands in the doily, and crocheting with the darker aqua for just one round, earlier in the pattern, would’ve made the use of two shades look entirely intentional.  But I was unwilling to rip back to that point– and it’s fine as it is!  Most likely, when it’s in use, there will be something on top of the doily, covering enough of it that you won’t even think about it. 

When I came to the final round, with all the picots, I decided to use white.  I hadn’t used white in the rest of the doily, but my other options were the first/main aqua (wasn’t sure I had enough), the turquoise (didn’t think I’d like the look), or the second aqua (plenty left, but seemed like using it for the final round would make it even more obvious that I’d run out of the first aqua). 

I’m thinking of going back and adding a modified, simpler picot round to the edge of turquoise earlier in the pattern.  It might make the white feel more a part of the doily as a whole– like a lace trim.

Also, I was debating whether or not to add a rose to the center.  Roses in the center look pretty, but the way I tend to use doilies, 3-D embellishments can sometimes be completely hidden– or even get in the way.  But now I’m thinking a rose is a must.  The petals will be turquoise– maybe with some of the darker aqua in the center– with white leaves. 

This doily has turned out to be a lot more work than I expected!  It’s larger than expected, too, and I don’t even want to think about all those ends that will need to be woven in…

I’d hoped to finish the doily this weekend, but if I don’t feel up to all this improvisation (just yet), it may have to wait while I turn to the comfortable repetition of the hexagon stash-buster…


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