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Doily Photos (& Miniature Food)

I hinted in an earlier entry that I was working on yet another “Summer Splendor” doily.  (That makes four!)  This one was for my paternal grandmother. 

Summer Splendor

Summer Splendor

Summer Splendor

The thread is Red Heart Classic Crochet Thread (size 10) in “Delft Blue”. 

I still like the pattern and recommend it to other doily enthusiasts, but four times is probably enough.   Actually, I think I’ve had enough thread projects of any description for a while.  Maybe it’ll be time for thread again when summer rolls back around.

– – – – –

It’s been a while since I did much with polymer clay, and even longer since I made miniature food, but a few days before Christmas, I dug out the supplies and played with the clay.  It’s still fun, though I’m out of practice.  I’d forgotten how “fingerprinty” clay can be– especially when you least want fingerprints.

I made these little goodies for my mother, with the idea that she could use them with her miniature tea sets/platters:

Miniature Food

The bread (loaf and slice) turned out ok (though maybe not perfect), and I think you can tell that the cheese wedge was the last thing I made (and I was getting tired and less interested in the whole process by then)– but I was happier with the four glazed donuts and the lussekatter.  That’s what those weird S-shaped things are.  They’re a traditional Swedish treat enjoyed on “Lucia Day” (December 13th).  It’s a slightly sweet, saffron-flavored yeast bread studded with raisins.  I would’ve been even better if I’d browned them more, but we’ll just pretend that the baker took them out of the oven a minute or two too early. ;o)  It’s become a Christmas tradition that Donald bakes some of these saffron buns (almost) every year, so I thought they’d be a fun choice here. 

One of these days, I’m going to make some miniature baked goods to put in my own little mini tea set display… :o) 

– – – – – 

The Catherine Wheel scarf is still progressing slowly
(a couple of rows at a time), but at least the balls of yarn are visibly
shrinking… Then there are a few afghans I should work on– or go
ahead and finish/put together.  My next new yarn-based project will
probably be knitting.  Maybe a cabled hat or cowl… I want to make
knitted mitts/fingerless gloves sometime, too.  (Eventually!) 

…But really, all I want to do right now is get back behind the sewing machine again!  I’m not sure what I’ll make, but photos will follow.


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