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Doily FO: “Ygritte”

The third and final recently-blocked doily is “Ygritte”, pattern by (you guessed it) Grace Fearon.

(Project page.)

Same hook as usual, but this time I broke out the fancy yarn– Alize Miss Batik, with its long, slow color changes.  I think the designer herself wrote somewhere that this pattern would be good for a variegated thread, so I decided to give it a try.  I have to say, I’m happy with the results!

"Ygritte" Doily

There are quite a few tall stitches in this pattern, if I recall correctly, and I see from my project notes that I had trouble with Round 5, in particular– but the rest of the pattern went more smoothly. 

"Ygritte" Doily

There’s something autumnal about this colorway, I think.  Maybe it’s the purple (well, purply pink) and orange/gold together.  Those are “Halloween colors”, to me. 

"Ygritte" Doily

This makes me think of candy corn, for some reason… Oh, yeah, probably because it has orange, yellow (gold), and white.  Just like candy corn.  ;o)  Yes, this one will be great for October decorating.

"Ygritte" Doily

I think this one was fun to crochet (from what I remember), and I do think the variegated thread works well with the pattern. 

"Ygritte" Doily

It’s another where the very center is less interesting to me than the rest of the pattern, but that’s better than the alternative, if you’re going to use it under a Halloween candy dish (for instance (g)). 

"Ygritte" Doily

And now for the bonus, which is a little doily that’s almost more of a coaster than a real doily. 

More than a year back, I taught Donald (my husband) to crochet– or rather, gave him a refresher course, since I think he may have learned the basics before, as a child.  He didn’t crochet much before losing interest, but he did make most of this little doily from scraps of some sport-weight cotton (Omega Sinfonia and Patons Grace).  I improvised the last round to finish it, months later.  (The pattern was an old print-out with no identifying information.) 

NOID Doily

There are two more doilies just waiting for their chance at blocking, so I hope it won’t be quite so long before the next blog post! 


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