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Doily FO: “Wispweave”

The third and final doily I squeezed out of those two skeins of Alize Miss Batik (color “3713”) was not a Grace Fearon design, for a change!

I crocheted “Wispweave”, a pattern by Julia Hart.

Doily: "Wispweave"

This is a pattern for a small doily that works up quickly and has an appealing, floral motif.

It does have some texture (in the form of fp, bp, popcorn, and picot stitches), but it’s not particularly difficult, by the standard of a lot of the patterns I’ve been crocheting lately.  (However, I did find the ch-2 picots a little tricky to make “prettily”, for some reason.  If I make this pattern again and remember, I might increase those to ch-3 picots and see if I like that better.)

There’s a minor error in the last round of the written instructions.  The repeat is missing a picot that you can see in the sample photo, but it’s easy enough to guess where to put it to achieve symmetry.

Doily: "Wispweave"

I used the same hook as usual (1.75mm Clover Amour), and of course the thread is Alize Miss Batik (“3713”), which I think really shines in this doily.

I love the fact that it just worked out so that the center medallion and the edging are both that glowing chartreuse.  Serendipity!

Doily: "Wispweave"

The pattern calls for a color change for the last round, but since I was already working in variegated thread, I didn’t change colors, and I think that works fine.  When crocheting in a solid-color thread, though, the contrasting edge adds a dainty, lacy effect.

Doily: "Wispweave"

“Wispweave” is another great candidate for using multiple solid-color threads in one pattern.  There are already some examples in Ravelry projects, in fact.

Doily: "Wispweave"

Sometimes I see flowers; other times it’s more of a starry design.  Either way, it’s very pretty!

Doily: "Wispweave"

I think this is the first time I’ve crocheted a pattern by this designer, but it shouldn’t be the last!


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