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Doily FO: “Whitney”

All I ever crochet lately is doilies!  And I haven’t really knitted in months!

(Actually, not so long ago I did pick up a long-neglected knitting project– those worsted weight socks.  I managed to make a mess of them, though.  The decreases went in the wrong places– don’t ask– and by the time I noticed, it wasn’t worth fixing.  They were really just meant to ease me into the world of sock-knitting, so I wasn’t that upset.  I ripped them out and the next time I try socks, I’ll be using sock yarn!)

Anyway, for whatever reason, all I feel like making lately is doilies.  I did get the itch to knit a hat, recently, but I didn’t manage to cast on immediately… and ended up starting yet another doily, instead.  Maybe in the next few days… Doilies are good, lightweight projects for summertime, though, and I have a bunch of great patterns to crochet my way through, still!

Today, I’m sharing “Whitney“.  Pattern by Grace Fearon.  (No surprise there.)


I think “Whitney” was a CAL, though I don’t believe I actually crocheted mine during the CAL period.  This designer’s CAL patterns always seem to have accompanying round-by-round photos, which are very helpful– particularly if you’re not as confident about complicated doily patterns.


I used my usual hook– Clover Amour size 1.75mm– and one of my favorite threads, Cébélia, in size 10.  The color is another favorite– a sort of “vintage” green– “955 Nile Green”. 


It’s marked as “expert” level.  I can’t really remember much about crocheting it, and my project notes don’t go into much detail.  It does look like there are a lot of tall stitches, though, which can be a little tricky, tension-wise. 


This one turned out smaller than I was expecting.  (Haven’t measured, so can’t give exact size, though.)


I bet this one would be interesting in Alize Miss Batik or a similar long/slow color-change thread.  All those tall stitches dipping back into previous rounds… I might give it a try, someday, but there are so many patterns in my queue, I doubt I’ll return to this one soon.


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