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Doily FO: “Delilah”

There’s one more doily blocked and ready to share– “Delilah“, another by Grace Fearon.  

Same hook as usual (Clover Amour 1.75mm). 


I had a leftover nearly-full skein of orange-magenta-lilac-beige-white Alize Miss Batik (left from “Ygritte“).  There was plenty to make this doily, with a little ball left over for my scrap jar. 

I like this colorway– warm and a bit exotic.  Last time I used it, I remember thinking it was “Halloweeny”, and I still think it has a late summer/early autumn vibe to it. 

The AMB thread works really well with this pattern, I think. 


(These photos all start to look alike, at some point… Sorry about that!  I had trouble getting any decent, in-focus photos at all, so I was thinking about that issue instead of getting a variety of angles, etc.)


Some project notes had me a little worried, before starting this doily.  Squares do require a little more attention than circles, generally speaking, but I didn’t find this one exceptionally challenging.  Grace Fearon’s patterns are usually fairly advanced, but if you can handle her circular patterns, this one’s do-able, too. 

(I guess we each have our own quirks in crocheting as in everything else.  Personally, I tend to make most of my mistakes in relatively simple parts of patterns– especially pineapples– where my attention wanders for just one second, and I skip a stitch or forget to make a chain space.  So annoying!)


As is usual with this designer’s patterns, there’s layer upon layer of texture. This doily feels particularly “Irish crochet”, which I like. 


I also appreciated the fact that there aren’t tons of tall stitches in this pattern.  Tall stitches have their place, but they’re not always necessary.  (I was ready for a break after two or three patterns in a row with lots of tall stitches!)


Yes, I definitely like this one in the variegated thread! 


Fun doily!

– – – – – – –

I’ve finished another one, but still need to weave in the ends and block it.  I’m probably 75% or more done with the next one, too, but I keep making silly mistakes (pineapples!!) and having to rip and redo.  It might take a while to finish, at this rate!


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