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Doilies & Mysteries — But No Photos!

Thread Crochet–
Well, I finished the doily that I thought might end up rippling, then started another (smaller) one that I thought would behave better.  And wouldn’t you know it, that one gave me more trouble than the first one!  It was fine until one of the last few rounds, at which point I began to have serious doubts.  I managed to get them both blocked, but I won’t be making those patterns again!

No Progress–
There’s no progress to report on the Cheerful Afghan, the Isis shawl, the cotton basket, or any of my hibernating projects.  I need to gear myself up for a “finishing spree”.  Scratching a few off things off my hibernating/in-progress list would feel awfully nice…

I mentioned the Mysteryghan CAL Julie Yeager is hosting in my last post.  I’ve been working on the first clue, (“Little Bitties”, released earlier this week), and I’m about halfway done.  It’s fun, and I really like the looks of the pieces, so far.  (I love florals!)  Can’t wait to see the next clue!

I think I’ve decided not to post photos until the next clue is released, just in case someone sees this and wants to participate.  Wouldn’t want to spoil the mystery aspect for you!  (Personally, I love spoilers in this kind of thing.  It helps me decide how to arrange my colors, so I intentionally look for photos before I get started.) 

I may, however, post a teaser photo or two, here on the blog. The next clue’s not out until next Friday (unless it’s released early, like the first one), and I’m afraid I’ll find the temptation too strong!  Until the next clue’s released, more straight-forward, show-it-all photos will go in the project page.  That is, once I take any photos!


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