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Diamond Painting #2

I finished my second little diamond painting yesterday.  It came in a set of two fox-themed pictures, and I chose to work on it first because I like the other one better and wanted to save it for later.  This one’s not bad, but the fox takes up less of the picture, so it doesn’t have as much detail.  The colors are a little abrupt on the fox, too, but I kind of like the color palette, with all the pinks and purples and oranges.  It might not be anyone’s favorite diamond painting, but it was still fun to do. 

The item code is B108, and I got it here (Amazon affiliate link), if anyone’s interested.  

As always, it looks better from a distance, and it’s difficult to capture the sparkle in a photo, but I snapped a couple, anyway.  

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I’m still trying to do some watercolor/doodling on a regular basis, though missing just a day or two has already pushed it further from my mind.  I’d like to get into the habit of it, but that takes time… Doing even just a little every day would be best. 


I feel silly posting my very “beginner” watercolors and doodles on my blog, but the truly silly thing is to worry about it at all.  First, I might be the only one who ever even looks at this blog! 😳 Second, if anyone else does read my blog, I’m sure they don’t care if I share my amateurish watercolors and doodles.  Third, even if someone hates my watercolor efforts enough to want to say something mean about them, the comments are disabled, so they’d have to go to a lot of trouble to find a way to tell me so! 😜  

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I haven’t gone any further with “Appalachian Autumn”, but I have been doing some piecing.  I had some spare orange strings and accidental overabundance of cut-to-size phone book rectangles.  This felt more appealing to work on than figuring out the next step with the leaves and sashing. 

It’s a bit of a secret project.  Smaller scale than a quilt, but something I may not give for many months.  I guess I won’t go into details, yet, but here’s a sneak peek…  

I had so much fun sewing with strings again!  I think a string-heavy quilt is in order, soon.  


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