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“Denna” Crochet Block Completed

I finished “Denna“!

I started out making the 12” square but realized after the 10th round that my block was coming out too big. (My other blocks for this afghan are all smaller than 12” squares, before adding the border.) So I ripped back that round and switched to the instructions for the 9” square.  To get the block to the size of my other squares for this afghan, I needed something in between the 9” and 12” block, so I adjusted the last two rounds slightly.

I think there are some minor number errors in at least the last round of the 9” pattern. It looks like it was copied and pasted from the 12” pattern, and the designer forgot to adjust some numbers. Of course, by the time you get to the last round of the pattern, you can probably figure out what to do, just from the photo, and since the pattern is free (and available in three sizes), we can’t really complain. ;o)

I love the way this block turned out!  It was pretty easy to crochet, too, which was nice, after the more complicated blocks I’ve been working on lately. I’d like to make this one again, sometime. :o)

Though it isn’t a difficult pattern, I realized toward the end of the project that I’d put one of the front post stitches into the wrong place.  It was a slight mistake, but one that would’ve nagged at me every time I saw it.  Fortunately, it happened to be right near the loose ends of that round, so I was able to do a makeshift repair without ripping back multiple rounds.  It’s still not perfect, but it’s good enough for me.


I haven’t taken a photo of my next completed block, yet, but it’s done.  All the ends woven in and everything.  “Shattered” (without the Canada Goose block border):

Shattered WIP

I had fun making this one, too.  Somewhat less fun when the puff stitches reared their ugly heads, maybe… ;o) …but still fun.  I need more practice making puff stitches, but I don’t really want to practice them, because I don’t enjoy making them.  (A real conundrum, huh?)  My main problem seems to be pulling them up tall enough.  I feel like I’m making them tall, when I start, but by the end, they seem shorter than they ought to be.  Ah, well, they’re passable.

– – –

I’m currently in the middle of “Kingsley“.  That’s the pattern that Polly Plum designed especially for the BAMMM Kazaam 2016 CAL.  I believe the coupon that drops the price to .99USD is only good until the end of April, so if you’re interested, don’t wait too long!  (You don’t have to participate in the CAL to take advantage of the deal.  The coupon code is on the pattern’s Ravelry page.)

I don’t have any progress photos of my “Kingsley”; next time, I hope.  I’m enjoying the pattern– and it’s a real looker– but you really have to pay attention, on some of the rounds.  (~glaring in the general direction of Round Eleven~)

The photos labeled with stitch groups are very helpful.  Be aware that there are some errors in the pattern, though.  So far, I haven’t come across any that I didn’t immediately recognize, but they could be confusing for someone with less crochet experience.  There’s a link on the pattern page for errata, so I’d suggest giving that a look before starting.

– – –

I’m not sure which block will be next up.  Maybe “Florentine” (by Margaret MacInnis).  It’s not technically part of the CAL, but it could certainly be an extra or alternate block.  If you act fast (again, by the end of the month), you can get this pattern for free.  (Click the link above and read for the coupon code.)  The designer is releasing it in incremental clues, so you can work it as a mystery block, if you so wish.

There are quite a few blocks already in my queue, too, so I might start one of those, first, and wait for more clues to roll in before I decide whether this block belongs in my current afghan.  “Florentine” is described as masculine and geometrical, which may or may not go well with my soft spring pastels.  Oh, I’m sure it would be fine, but there might just be other blocks that would be even better for this particular project.

Photos of a finished “Shattered” and “Kingsley”, next time!


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